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SSIPL LIFESTYLE PVT LTD SSIPL Lifestyle Private Limited (“SSIPL Lifestyle”) is a retailer for brands Lotto and Beverly Hills Polo Club. The Company’s step-down subsidiary, Sports Station (India) Private Limited (“Sports Station”) is a retailer for brands Levi’s and United Colures of Benetton. Sports Station also operates concept stores and multi brand outlets under the name of ShoeTree and Value Station. They are thus a specialty retailer of premium international sports and lifestyle brands in India with a presence across retailing, designing, manufacturing, and franchising of sports and lifestyle products. They have a pan-India network of 238 exclusive branded outlets (“EBOs”) of leading international brands viz. Nike, Lotto, Levi’s, United…show more content…
These relationships are critical elements of 7-Eleven’s operational efficiency and strategy. Technology allows 7-Eleven to seamlessly integrate ordering and delivery scheduling. Key suppliers to 7-Eleven, however, have remained resistant to participating in the company’s evolving distribution system. These consumer packaged goods manufacturers have extensive distribution networks of their own to deliver goods and control in-store shelf space. By controlling in-store product placement, they are able to drive sales and get a solid advantage over the competition. They are reluctant to give up such an advantage. 7-Eleven has been changing this model. The company believes that they can increase their own profitability by consolidating shipments from a variety of suppliers in their warehouses, and distributing to their own stores based on in-store sales data. While many of the smaller manufacturers have conceded and switched to this CDC model, many of the larger suppliers are still fighting. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Budweiser have such a vested interest in their distribution networks that they have not yet been willing to transition. They do not want to relinquish control over floor and shelf space. Keyes, however, feels that they will eventually come around as a result of pressure from key players such as Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven. Further, this centralized distribution model – which is effectively breaking down the barrier to entry of 100-year-old distribution networks – is providing opportunities for new suppliers to enter the

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