The Pros And Cons Of Socialization

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Do you remember how your life was when advanced technology, as we know it today, began? How often did you eat and socialize in a physical environment with friends and family? What types of things did you find of importance and what were your conversations like? Did your parents work in a factory or in front of a computer? What did you want to be when you grew up? Since technology has evolved into an economic necessity, the way we live, communicate, socialize and work has revolutionized. One of my most favorable childhood memories was playing outside with my friends and using my free time after school to create things. Being active and heavily involved within the community was a part of everyday life. We only used the home phone to call and see if someone was home before we came over. Men would value their bonding time at the local barbershop, because they could have deep conversations about sports, politics, community matters & their wives; and women could vent and give praise reports about their children, family affairs, jobs and their husbands. I recently drove by a…show more content…
Technology has revolutionized the entire food industry, while creating opportunities for countries to trade and purchase crops and outsource labor at cheaper costs. Although, outsourcing labor may save costs for one, it reduces the amount of jobs available for locals in another. Workers who may have served at a company for decades, and are not trained in using advanced technology, are at risk of losing their jobs and, without the skills needed to keep up with IT software and equipment, could possibly be out of work for months or even years. Businesses have also been known to show favoritism towards hiring younger employees, instead of seasoned workers, because they could possibly be more flexible and easier to

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