Personal Statement: My Love For Mechanical Engineering

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It all started when I was 10, when my father gifted me a toy car for my birthday. I used to play with it all the time; I opened the parts just to see what it is made up of and how it works. On opening it, I saw various parts of which I had no idea and how each part performed to make my car move. I was eager to know the same then. Hence, the seed to my love for automobiles was sown by the little toy car of mine. This passion of mine never subsided and it grew year after year. At the age of 16, I came across the TV show called “Top Gear”, which is an exclusive and amazing television series based on the automobiles. It gave me a deep insight into the field of automobiles. Due to this interest in automobiles, I was yearning to know more about them, and so I took up Mechanical Engineering for my under-graduate program from NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, one of the top colleges in India. I completed my Engineering with a score of 9.42/10 and stood within the top 5 in my branch.…show more content…
I also took electives to specialise in the areas like Finite Element Methods, Industrial Management and Control Engineering. In addition to this, I have trained myself in Design Software’s like CATIA, Solid Edge, PRO E, and Hyper

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