The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy is energy in the nucleus of an atom. Atoms are the tiny particles that make up every object in the world. There are massive energy bonds that hold atoms together to generate electricity. We can extract more heat and electricity from a given amount of the nuclear power than from an equivalent amount of anything else because it is the most energy-dense resource compared to all of the other natural resources. Nuclear energy is not just utilized to supplied electricity; it is used in wide area such as medicine, heating and space travel. It has one of the little environment impacts on land and natural resources compared to any other electricity sources. According to Dr. Charles Ferguson, more than forty countries use nuclear…show more content…
In general, nuclear energy uses fuels that are mined and processed uranium to make steam and to produce electricity. Every nuclear energy has its life span. After it is not able in generating the power to the reactor to generate electricity, it becomes nuclear wastes. Nuclear waste is a by-product from fuel processing plants, nuclear reactors, and institutions such as hospital and some research institution. World Nuclear Association (WNA) had classified nuclear waste into three categories, which is high-level waste, intermediate level waste and low-level waste. Focus on both high-level and low-level waste; high level wastes from a nuclear reactor are the used nuclear fuel left after it has spent about three years in the reactor generating heat for electricity. Low-level wastes are made up of lightly-contaminated items like tools and work clothing from power plant operation and make up the bulk of radioactive wastes. Only 3% of the total volumes of water arising from nuclear generation were produced by high-level wastes, but those wastes contain 95% of the radioactivity arising from nuclear power. On the other hand, low-level wastes produce 90% of the total volume of radioactive wastes, but contain only 1% of radioactivity (World Nuclear Association,

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