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ANALYSIS Projectile Motion is an uncommon instance of two-dimensional movement. Gravity is the main considered outside constrain following up on it while a question is airborne. Projectile is the moving body in this sort of movement. It alludes to any question tossed, propelled or generally anticipated so that once discharged, if air resistance is ignored, its way is influenced just by the World's gravity. As let go at an edge, it is affected by its even inactivity and vertical gravity. The shot makes an allegorical bend. The bended way is known as the direction. We are accepting here that there is no or next to no air resistance. The conditions of movement for one measurement are likewise substantial for two measurements. To improve our examination,…show more content…
We also used bond papers and carbon paper to determine where the metal ball will fall. To avoid inaccuracy, we put a lot of tape on the projectile launcher and also on the papers. We are going to observe the trajectory of the projectile record the total distance traveled by it. Each method requires a specific angle for each launch. Values gathered throughout this method will be considered as the experimental value and it will be compared to the computed…show more content…
In the third part of our experiment, we required to find the maximum height of the projectile when the projectile launcher is at 30° and 60°. We put compute for the distance from the target board to the projectile launcher. The next thing we did is we set-up the projectile launcher at 30°. We make a practice launch to ensure that the ball will hit the target board. We cover the target board with a carbon paper over a blank sheet. We make 5 trials for it. We measure the height of the ball to the ground (see picture c). We also make sure to cross out the mark of the ball on the latter

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