Advantages Of Online Learning

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CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction This chapter reviews various studies which have shown the inter-relationships among the measures of e-learning inputs pertinent to academic achievement. A more specific model will be developed for the present study. It has also shown that the significant of spending the amount of time online can actually help to improve pupils` English Language proficiency. 2.2 The help of Internet The most used language on the internet is English, which is set on more than half of all the pages on the web. Those pages cover every style of English such as business, conversational, scientific reports, new, sports etc. and this makes the internet an ideal resource for interactive learning. What can be benefitted…show more content…
But many also question that do the pupils learn as much from a screen as a live teacher? Well here are five reasons that many pupils will prefer spending time online learning. Firstly, it revolves around a screen. There is no doubt that pupils nowadays do really love the screens. It is as thought their natural habitat. Young people nowadays eat, sleep technology. They are digital natives. According to one survey, the primary reason pupils prefer online learning is that it enables them to go slow or fast according to their own pace. This however based on whether they get the information. Next, spending time online learning is definitely suiting for the shy or the introverted pupils because sometimes they find it a little difficult to share during a discussion. Therefore, going online, these pupils are able to have a digital dialogue as opposed to a face-to-face one, where they get intimidated. Spending time learning online is a fun way where the pupils are free and flexible. They are own their own pace walking on a pathway which is designed for them. It is the matter of time when they finish the task. Eventually, they will be there. And most importantly, it creates and builds interest in them in learning. Having to spend time online learning doesn’t need much money. The school has provided all that they need to learn. They only thing the pupils need are
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