Fate And Fate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Fate is of a fairy tale; when something good happens, we believe we have then in turn been a good person and it was fate. When something negative happens, we blame it on fate yet believe because of that fact it will turn out for the greater good; rather sometimes, it is our actions beforehand that have then preordained our future. In Romeo and Juliet, the characters spontaneous human reactions lead to a tragic demise that could of been controlled, if only the choices they made where for themselves. Shakespeare reflects on the way human nature leads Romeo and Juliet to desert any sort of responsibility throughout the play and instead foolishly blame a twisted fate. Throughout Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, the characters’ own brash choice,…show more content…
In reality, Romeo lacks the ability of following given instructions. The audience knows Romeo is a likable character but fails to see the right and focuses on the wrong one. Per example during the Capulet masquerade party hosted in the honor of Juliet's engagement. Romeo, still unaware of Juliet and currently in love with Rosaline believed his fate “steered his course” and “direct his sail” to attend the ball with rest of the Montagues to have fun and sneak a look at Rosaline. Romeo attending the ball was the wrong choice because getting caught could lead to his death. Romeo’s decisions are always based on his first impulse without fully developing the thought another example is the death of Tybalt, referring to himself as “Fortune’s fool” emphasizing that he is a slave to the whims of fate. The audience knows he was given orders by Friar to stay hidden until he could reveal the marriage to the prince, but instead he goes to Verona. Once again he chooses the wrong path which leaves him getting involved in stopping a sword fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo is dense and daydreaming now that he is married to Juliet that he misses the fact that Mercutio and Tybalt are amusing each other. If Romeo would of left them be or not have gone to Verona he wouldn't have killed Tybalt. He believes fate is out to get him by bringing him misfortune instead of taking responsibility for killing Tybalt himself. He could of gone seen Juliet, could of hidden like Friar asked or even just left Tybalt alone and he would be escaped with Juliet without problems. The heedless actions do worsen, however when he hears of “Juliet’s death” Romeo tries to “defy the stars” and kills himself. When a loved one dies people ask questions and deny the fact of a death, but Romeo instead kills himself without any facts or information on the event making his final attempt to accept responsibility one last
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