Importance Of Music Essay

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Music has a significant impact on my life. From beginner piano lessons in first grade to performing in the front ensemble of the Miami University Marching Band, music has shaped my personality and has helped me become more creative and open minded. Everyday I experience music in some form, whether on the radio, through my cellphone, or even sometimes at a live performance, and my listening habits have evolved over the past few years. For the most part, I listen to music through my cellphone. Apple Music provides me with an extravagant music library with genres from rap to classical music. Most of the music that I choose to listen to is pop music that I’ve heard on the radio; however, I do listen to alternative rock, and I will occasionally listen to music from the seventies and eighties. When I use my cellphone for music, I am normally at home and wearing headphones. This way, I can listen to my music while not disturbing anyone else. Another large portion of how I listen to music is through the radio. While I have put the radio on in my bedroom before, I normally listen to the radio while in the car. Usually, I will turn to a popular channel, and I can listen to some of my…show more content…
While listening to the radio or a live concert, the music that I listen to is chosen by the radio station or the concert director. Although I do have a choice of what radio station I listen to or which concerts I attend, the music selections that I listen to on the radio or at a live performance are mainly chosen by someone else. Additionally, when I was younger and used Pandora to access music, an algorithm would select the music based on which station I chose. Now, with my more specific music taste, I choose my own songs that I listen to through Apple Music. Through the influence of peers, the radio, and my own style, I choose a mix of genres and artists, and I listen to them
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