Wang Si Cong Case Study

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In our society, there is a group of people who attract much attention and play an important role. The group of people is called Generation Y who are often defined as those born in the 1980s and 1990s. “Generation Y” put forward by American for the first time. Other names of this group are the Millennial and the Internet Generation. Mostly, people abbreviates them to Gen Y or Gen Y’ ers. Meanwhile, Generation Y demographic cohort follows Generation X. When we read newspapers and magazines, especially news reports about the United States, we heard about "Generation X" or "X Generation" (Gen X 'ers) and the Y Generation or "Generation Y" (Gen Y 'ers). Generation Y is in the wake of the development of generation X. And they grew up under development of technological…show more content…
They are willing to stay in companies if they are challenged and are offered opportunities for self-grow up, and they are very aware of the technology that are vital to today’s job market. They also prefer self-employed and make their interests into a career. Case 2:Wang Si Cong ’s entrepreneurship Wang Si Cong, born in January 3rd, 1988, is a famous rich second-generation. He is young and frivolous, shoot from the lip like many Generation Y. Wang once had a bad reputation, but with time passed, people are getting know him. Actually, there is many things we can learn from him. In December, 2009, Wang Si Cong registered his own investment company. He joined in the E-sport in 2011, saved a champion team and improved the whole E-sport’s players’ social status. In September,2015, he set up Panda TV as CEO. With Wang Si Cong 's family background, he doesn't worry about money. Why did he start a business? Like most of the Generation Y, he wants to prove himself. And judging by his investment, he started in the field of E-sports games he likes. Do what you are interested in can bring sense of identity and belonging as well as finding spiritual

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