The Importance Of Science

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Have you ever wonder what the world would be like without the existence of Science? No plants, animals, air, sunlight, water what about the invention of new technologies that makes our life easier most of all the existence of human beings wouldn't have been possible without Science. Science is the foundation for everything around us. It explains the creation and invention for every single thing in the universe without Science we are nothing!! Science refers to a system of acquiring knowledge. This system uses observation and experimentation to describe and explain natural phenomena. Science falls under two major lines that is natural science the study of the natural world and Social Science the systematic study of human behavior…show more content…
It is the job of the teacher to motivate these pupils to love Science. When a teacher teaches Science out of context and seems irrelevant to their lives many pupils lose interest. In order for teachers to motivate her pupils to love Science she needs to first show them that she’s passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about science, it will resonate with them. Teachers need to improve the self image of Science because of the nerdy scientist and the text books Science has a negative self image in society and on pupils. In order to change their views teachers can portray what science has done thus far, by relating the subject back to something that interests them. Experts believe that in order for pupils to stay interested in science, you can nurture this attraction to science by making it fun and interesting. For instance simple hands-on experiments pertaining to the topic will motivate the pupils as they love to observe. This is far most the best way to spark interest in science is to bring it to life with exciting experiments. Pupils will be memorized by glowing water, or how specific items float or sink in water or just by looking at how a seed disperse and grows into a new plant. When pupils “do” science they become more excited about it and look forward to learn more each day. To motivate pupils teachers can also make use of the available technologies in her school into the classroom because it is very difficult to make Science interesting when her only resource is a textbook. A simple projector and a computer can be used to show the class educational cartoon programs like Dragon Fly TV combines interactive media with textbook knowledge also videos pertaining to her topic to show her class as children these days are very fascinating about cartoons and videos. For instance if a teacher is teaching a topic on vertebrates she can look
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