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My favorite vehicle is the Nissan GT-R. I think it is the most outstanding car there is. In this research paper, I will write about the Nissan GT-R. The Nissan GT-R is known for their amazing racing on tracks. They have a great history of where it originated. The performance of the GT-R is insane for a small engine. The outer and interior design of the vehicle is nice. The Nissan GT-R has exceeded since the year they were born. Then later taking down other big brand vehicles like Porsche, Ferrari, and etc. HISTORICAL CONTEXT ABOUT THE GTR The creator of the GT-R was “Prince Motor Company,” but they were a racing company, which means they did not produce cars for the public but for the people who wanted to race only. The company was founded in 1952 in Japan. They made their own first Skyline in 1964, which was called the “Prince Skyline.” The Skyline was highly successful in GT racing and had won 50 overall race victories. The Skyline…show more content…
The demands for the was extremely high that Nissan decided to make an unlimited number of production GT-Rs. This Skyline came with a 2.6 liter V6 twin turbocharged engine. It also had all-wheel drive to help produce power to the rear and front wheels. It is said to have to sell over 40,000 cars by the of 1994. This was sold worldwide except in North America.This did have a racing concept that was used for racing and it produced 600 horsepower, this car was kept well a secret. “But now it makes 600 hp at the wheels, the modifications tucked away and hidden: gauge pods are mounted in the glove compartment, a cold-air intake is disguised as a washer fluid bottle. “A sleeper,” he says, eyes twinkling with glee (Brendan McAleer 1). The first Nismo was introduced in 1990. The Nismo was a more sporty version of the standard model base. It did weigh less, tires were better, and did have a bigger turbo. This specific generation got the nickname

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