The Importance Of Science In Indonesia

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What can people realize, if they hear about learning science in Indonesia? In Indonesia, learning science is not that important. Science in Indonesia not much been improve by the government, especially for the scientist. Even though Indonesia has many students that join the international competition and win it, it because they have a good lecture and compatible facilities, but what happen to the children who study in different school do they have the same facilities or good lecture? They did not have it. So that makes children in Indonesia think that science is complicated and useless to be studied. Indonesia needs to change the system of learning because an attractive science learning by using fun learning and field course can develop science in Indonesia especially for children. Science in Indonesia is not that hard, it also not easy, but it can be learned. Indonesia’s education system is analyzed by the “PISA” tests, it is comparing the 15 year-olds children in 65 countries, about the ability of reading, math, and science. Actually, Indonesia has more teacher that teaches student and they are more many than other rich country. In the amendment, Indonesia guarantees that 20% of their budget is used for education. According to 2012 PISA results, show that Indonesia…show more content…
In physiology, playing is the world of children, if we want children to learn science, we need to give them suitable games that contain science lesson. Learning science using comic can expose children imaginary so that they will love science. Not just comic, action figure can make classes more fun and enjoy. And another way is telling a story that contains science. But telling a story is not that easy because we need to combine it with other game, so children can enjoy it more. Do an experiment is also fun for children because children love to learn something new that never be

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