The Importance Of Forensic Science

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Forensic science it the science behind any crime scene or murder investigation. Forensic science is used to find evidence for legal work and for investing crime scene accidents such as suicides, car crashes, or people murdered to determine if the death was accidental or intentional. Forensic science finds out the reason/cause of the death to find the rightness and to prevent whatever happened from happening again. There are three important fields for Forensic Scientist (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). Forensic science biology is using the evidence such as blood, hair, and body remains to find the murderer. Forensic science chemistry is using the torn wood, fire burnt, paint worn off, the study of drugs and poisons to find more information for…show more content…
These skin cell are called Low Level Dna. Low Level Dna is helpful when finding fingerprints of the criminal. Dna is important and is usually the best evidence found in a crime scene and that is because with the Dna the forensic scientist can find murder’s medical information stored. Therefore if they have the Dna then they technically found the person who could either be the murder or a witness. Dna is found in the nucleated cells in the body. When bone or hair are used for testing in forensic science, scientist prefer to use the mitochondrial Dna over the nucleated cell’s Dna because it is more abundant. Dna samples are usually gone through a laboratory with through 6 steps. Extraction is the course in where they detect the Dna from the cell. Quantitation is the course in where they identify the amount of Dna. Amplification is the course in where they make duplicate copies of the Dna to study and to be put through test. Separation is the course in where the duplicated Dna samples are separated. Analysis & Interpretation is the course in which they take the separated duplicate copies of the Dna and then compare the Dna with the the original Dna. Quality Assurance is the course of in which they review through the data for technical…show more content…
Phnom Sem grants access for crime labs to examine gunshot residue particles. Alternative Light Photography is used to see the damages done to the body and to find if the person is alive or not. Digital Surveillance Gaming Equipment finds the files in XBOX or any gaming systems. Facial Reconstruction finds the face of the victim through software if they are too damaged or dead. Dna Sequencing is to use evidence such as hair or blood to find if it’s the victims or the murders. Automated Fingerprint Identification is a digital database that can help when comparing fingerprints. Link Analysis Software are used to determine if there was any illegal activity through any financial transactions or the profile of the customer. Drug Testing are used to find if there were any drugs or poison used for the crime. Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry is used to put any glass that could have been broken during the crime and it is also used to also determine the type of glass. Fire Investigation is used to find if there was any chemical activity with the evidence that could have happened during the

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