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Diversity, broadly defined, means appreciating each individual’s uniqueness and recognizing our individual differences as a source of strength. These differences can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs or other dimensions. In the United States, diversity efforts generally refer to opportunities to increase the inclusion of women, as well as individuals of various races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations and differing abilities. Why diversity is important from society’s standpoint has been well-documented. As a nation founded on the key principle of equality, that goal will not truly be realized until…show more content…
Ensure diverse points of view: Many employers prefer a candidate have some actuarial experience prior to consideration. Whether you are still in college, a recent graduate, or a career changer, an internship or co-op is a good idea if not a requirement. If you are a recent graduate and have two exams under your belt, begin looking for a full-time position, but indicate you are open to an internship. While it will be very difficult for you to obtain employment without an internship, it is possible with a solid academic record, two exams, and good computer skills. 3. Improve the financial results of employers of actuaries: Employers want to attract the most talented employees who will likely be successful at their companies. Financial success is defined as directly or indirectly improving revenues and, ultimately, profits. Employers are not solely interested in the theoretical advancement of actuarial techniques, but the practical benefits of actuarial work products that enhance the company’s financial results as well. Increasing the pool of talented actuarial candidates from diverse backgrounds increases the likelihood of employing people with the ability to positively affect financial…show more content…
Contribute to the overall economy: While often employed by insurance companies, actuaries are also making an impact on other sectors through consulting, government and nontraditional roles. Many consulting actuaries provide risk management services to all sectors of the economy. Diversity plays a crucial role here because many clients will expect their service providers to mirror their diverse workforce. Clients who value diversity in all forms may be apprehensive of a service provider that doesn’t seem to share this same value. This could result in lost revenue and opportunities. 5. Attract the best candidates to the profession: If you are still in college, it is vital that you obtain at least one actuarial summer internship. Ideally, you will strive for two. Internships are a great opportunity to "try on" a discipline. One summer you can try out pensions and the next property and casualty. Also, try to have one internship at a traditional insurance company and another at a consultancy. The environment at a consultancy is vastly different from that of an insurer and the environment in life insurance is different from property and

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