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Modern or Classic? For many Australians buying a car this question is on par with Holden vs Ford, and for first car owners it can be even more difficult. There are many pros and cons for each, classics have the style and elegance whereas modern cars have a more generic body styles. Classic cars give a complete driving experience without any driver aids, but modern cars provide all the luxuries you could think of. The reliability and constant maintenance of older cars could be a deal breaker for you but at least it would be a more mechanical experience compared to the computer based servicing of modern ones. And lastly the price is dependent on how sought after they are and how much work needs doing. It’s more enjoyable if it’s good to look at I don’t think many people could disagree that modern cars don’t capture the style that classic cars have. Their elegant and flowing lines were often designed and crafted by hand and can’t be beaten by todays computer software designing. Older cars seem to each have their own diverse character and sometimes their own attitude as well. This individuality can’t be found in our modern…show more content…
There were no driver aids like cruise control and stability control, it was all up to your ability as a driver. This lack of aids give classic cars an unforgettable driving experience, all the elements are at your disposal, the sound, smells and every bump and corner. However, some modern cars have their benefits, in many cases classics will never beat a modern sports car in an overall speed category, if that’s what is important to you. But mostly modern cars are designed to be comfortable, safe and with all the elements controlled within car. Lately our what we want from a car has changed, its all about be the safety rating, efficiency and how cheaply it can be made. So, if you have a long daily commute and want to be as comfortable and least engaged as possible a modern car could be for

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