The Importance Of Computer Science

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How powerful can a bunch of cryptic words be? Apparently it controls everything from the world’s economy to a simple vending machine. While modern technology has impacted our way of thinking and communicating ideas, my admiration lies for the geniuses from the earlier time who made the birth of Computers a reality. Their legacy is what enthused me to choose a career in studying computers and to develop a new technology in the future that would engender new limits in the Computer world. Programming is an intellectual endeavour that requires a structured approach all while thinking creatively to be able to build something or to solve a problem and that, simply fascinates me. When I watched the demonstration of the legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turning who was able to break the enigma code, while integrating mathematics in programming during World War 2, I let out a small-but nonetheless audible-gasp from my seat in the theatre because my mind was blown away. It was a stimulating experience for me, something which felt unreal.…show more content…
I was thrilled at every positive outcome in programming while educating myself with every new challenge- where my tenacity led me to achieve a “Merit Certificate for Computer Science” in grade 12. Exploring my interests in myriad of things besides computer science. For instance, physics and english literature, I believe that these disciplines could integrate on a creative level while striking a sense of harmony in my

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