Science And Science: The Importance Of Science

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One can blame scientists for the harm caused by science just to the degree one can blame God for the sins man commits. This whole idea gives a sense of escapism, where people avoid talking responsibilities of their actions. Under the masks of government leaders and other public servants are the people who tear the world down for their own greed and end up pointing a finger towards the people who have truly invested their lives for the betterment of the society. Human curiosity has been driving our actions as a civilization. We are ever ready to learn and are desperate to understand this world we live in. Studies suggest that our brains contain neural pathways which promote seeking, evolution has equipped us with such curiosity may be because…show more content…
Thus the scientific community has to rely on government and private organisations for funding. Speaking in this sense implies that the direction of science on a large scale depends upon the choice of the organisations funding scientific research. The research which may help the funding organisation grow powerful is certainly enriched with the required resources but the rest (which may have been a breakthrough for the entire human kind e.g. Tessla’s plan for free electricity) have to struggle merely to get in the patent office, let alone their practical application. Our governments may deliver speeches centred on human progress but their true intention is to sustain and grow their dominance. They use science as a tool to achieve this and then by simply passing the blame onto science, find their way out into self-proclaimed innocence. If one says that scientific tools cause destruction then till what extent are governments and organisations involved in the decision of using those tools. As Carl Sagan said “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Within these words is reflected one of the biggest problems faced by mankind

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