Importance And Importance Of Science In Our Life

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Science plays an important part in one’s life since it deals with nature and the reason behind everything. We live and breathe science, everything happens in the name of science. It becomes one of the important subjects in school. And of course there are principles of teaching science and implications for the teacher. One is “children’s understanding of science concepts develops in a sequential manner’. So pupils learn in sequence in order to grasp the concept which the teacher now has to teach in that manner so that pupils understand. The teacher will teach the concepts of science in an orderly manner from simple to complex topics for the pupils to have a vivid understanding of what has been transpired in front the class. The teacher have…show more content…
They will learn at slower rates according to their age, children between the age of five to nine years old requires more attention. When science is taught in class the easily get distracted from the topic when the teacher is reading and explaining for minutes in the class. They need to get involve in learning. This is because they are little and they can’t concentrate for long periods. The brain of the child cannot take all the work at one time therefore the topics should be taught in a sequential manner which is from simple to complex. In this way the children will learn better according to their cognitive development. Little children like to be active and involved in learning instead of sitting all the time. They love activities. Learning develops through stages, it builds on innate abilities that are inherited and genetically coded at birth. Therefore some children may learn slower than others. For example a teacher is teaching a class where there are slow learners, average and fast learners and she/he decides to teach the importance of plants and animals without teaching them about plants and animals first, majority of children wouldn’t have a vivid understanding of what has been taught. Some may be distracted from the topic and learn nothing especially little children in grade one and

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