The Importance Of Quality In The Food Industry

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The significance of quality has increasingly grown in the food sector over the last decades because of the ever growing consumer expectations, government regulations and expanding competition in the market. The food companies have increasingly followed quality management (QM) process in recent years. Literature suggests that the application of QM depends upon managerial factors such as the size of the organization, the type of suppliers and customers, amount of automation, type of products, and most importantly the top management’s commitment (Trienekens & Zuurbeir, 2008). The challenges in establishing an appropriate QM system are more severe for SMEs due to shortage of resources, competencies, and diseconomies of scale (Antony et al, 2005).…show more content…
There is a limited literature on the status, benefits and barriers of QM practices in SMEs operating in food sector. It is quite clear that food and its production process have short shelf life, miscellaneous raw materials, seasonality and diverse harvesting conditions (Dora et al, 2012). In order to develop and maintain the loyalty of consumers in food quality and food safety, quality assurance and food hygiene is of utmost importance in the food sector. Quality, food safety and environmental management systems in the food and beverage industry, a mixture of which, as well as with the support of the top management of the organizations offers an complex system in the food and drink sectors that comprises quality, output and safety of the products (Aggelogiannopoulos et al, 2006). Quality assurance (QA) has significant role in food sector. It provides an assurance that all quality…show more content…
The methodology endorsed was a literature review of published academic papers of different theories or practices that companies follow in adoption of FQMS in their strategies. The paper containing limited amount of information of FQMS were eliminated from the study to refine the paper. Key factors involved in the journals were quality assurance, quality management, HACCP, and FQMS. SMEs in the food sector account of the major part in the industry. Importance of quality in food sector was also reviewed. Various factors involving the adoption of FQMS was compiled together which were based on researcher’s point of view. The paper examines the theory of performance of quality and food safety

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