Cause And Effect Essay On The Black Death

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25 million people. 25 million people were killed by the Black Death within a five year span. Compared to one of the leading causes of death in the world, the amount of deaths due to car accidents does not even come close to comparing to the deaths from the Black Death. 1.3 million people die from car accidents each year, so it would take over 19 years to reach 25 million deaths caused by the Black Death. In comparison, the Black Death was one of the most devastating infectious diseases to ever contaminate the world. The Black Death, also known as the plague, swept through Europe in the mid 1300’s. It started in Europe at a Sicilian port in October of 1347 and did not end until 1351, however it did not begin here. Before arriving in Sicily, the Genoese ships were in China. There they were under attack by the Chinese army, who had already been partially…show more content…
Symptoms of the Black Death depend on which of the three types it is. All three types usually include symptoms of fever, chills, weakness, and areas of swelling in the armpit or groin regions. The areas of swelling often result as an affirmative sign of the disease, that is confirmed by the black or purple spots that later appear on the arms and…show more content…
There have been cases in the last ten years in countries such as Madagascar, United States, Russia, Brazil, and multiple others. In the United States and Brazil, the Black Death exists as an animal disease, not as a human disease. In Madagascar, the Black Death is often classified as pneumonic plague. This country there is outbreaks of about 400 cases of the Black Death every year, because of there being a large volume of rodents and fleas. The cases tend to start out as the bubonic plague but then turn into pneumonic plague because of lack of medical

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