My Sister Short Story

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My Sister Ryan lived with her father and mother Menlo Park, California, behind their sunny little house was a grassy, green backyard, and the sky was always blue with puffy white clouds. Ryan was about two years old, with brown, short hair and big, blue curious eyes. If there was one thing to say about Ryan it was that she asked a lot of questions and had a lot of attitude for a 2-year-old. She was quite happy having her parents all to herself. She got all the attention and didn’t want anything to change. One sunny Sunday morning, Ryan woke up in her purple bedroom to the birds chirping and the sun shining, but something seemed different. Something seemed peculiar, and she was suspicious. Ryan wandered through the house and found someone…show more content…
As she picked her up Ryan dropped her on “accident” on a rug in the playroom. The look of horror on her mother’s face haunted Ryan as soon as she dropped her baby sister. Ryan regretted it right away because the baby’s head had a bruise and it started screaming and crying. Her parents found out what had happened and Ryan wasn’t aloud to play with her baby sister again. At least, not until she gained their trust back. Day after day Ryan tried to play with her baby sister and finally when she was aloud to, she never hurt her or tried to send her away again. Ryan started getting along with her sister and she accepted that she would stay with her family forever. But Ryan still had that itch at the back of her head that she didn’t want her here. I mean, now she got all the attention from grandma, and her mom always brought her the new toys. At least she shared with Ryan and they got to play together. Ryan and her sister (her name is Devon by the way) have had their ups and downs, but Ryan has grown up to love and respect Devon very much. She would never want her sister to leave their family anymore, not even for a day. And when Ryan’s next sister, Carmen came along, she was as happy as could
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