Leadership Challenges Of Toyota

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The article, “TOYOTA RECALLS: A STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE”, by Sonia Taneja Mildred Golden Pryor Scott M. Sewell discusses about what Toyota could have done to improve their reputations and leadership roles in the industry. The problems being addressed by research is regarding Toyota Motor Corporation which has remained at the top of automotive industry business in present day, until recently when the company recalled eight million vehicles. Will Toyota image of the world leader and role models be affected and whether did they handle this issue appropriately. On the other hand, The article, “Dynamics of Consumer Response to Food Contamination: The 2007 Peanut Butter Recall”, by Rafael Bakhtavoryana, Oral Cappsb , and Victoria Salinc…show more content…
In order to overcome these challenges Toyota developed a Quality Advisory Panel to analyze the flaws created. Toyota recall of several millions vehicles due to its mismanagement however Toyota still excels in innovations that are likely to shape our future. Toyota reputations were built through core competencies of quality and knowledge management. Leaders of Toyota have neglected its principles and core competencies due to its eagerness to increase global market shares. Besides, author also analyzes Toyota’s challenge in global and industry area by providing the reliable evidence of sales volume of each year. He also uses PESTEL analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors) and SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis) as a basis for an organizational strategic plan. Author try to give a bird’s eye view of the whole environment from many different angles that one wants to check and keep a track of while contemplating on a certain idea or plan. More than just by understanding the market, this framework represents one of the vertebras of the backbone of strategic management that not only defines what a company should do, but also accounts for Toyota’s goals and the strategies stringed to

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