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Consumer offerings are essential products that are available in the consumers’ market. However, not all these products are part of the consumers’ need at a particular time. In this brief piece of writing, the reader will understand what consumer offerings relates to their needs and when. Readers will learn the difference in these offerings and probably the products the author has patronized with a vivid example. At the end of the paper, readers should feel free to consult the references that aided the writing. Explain the four types of consumer offerings Basically, there are four categories that consumer offerings fall into and they are Convenience offerings, shopping offerings, Specialty offerings, and unsought offerings. Convenience…show more content…
These types of offerings require consumers’ effort to compare and contrast which brand they desire. Similarly, consumers will invest time scouting and scavenging different retail outlet to discover the best shopping offerings that give them the best price as well. In shopping offering, consumers believe that a particular brand is preeminent to other brands so they would ultimately do their best to have that product. (Tanner & Raymond, 2010). A typical example of shopping offerings is electronic products, and household furnishings which are not purchased regularly by…show more content…
It is sold only on request from its website and shipped to consumers’ residence. Its flavor is tantalizing and the aroma signal one’s presence in a gathering. (SheaByNature, n.d). Sadly, a casket is one product I never sought for but was compelled to buy one at the death of my father. Another example of unsought products I bought was a USB device. I did not buy it because I needed it neither did I buy it because it was planned for, but I bought it as a result of the heavy sale discount on it. The original price was $84. 95 in and when it was discounted, it dropped to $20. Therefore, I was imperatively compelled to make a

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