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Sysco and CAKE relationship towards Customer’s success. As a multinational corporation that markets and distributes food products to a vast clientele across food service and hospitality businesses, the Sysco Corporation has had an established presence for over four decades. As a company that belongs to the Sysco team, CAKE Corporation provides solutions for restaurants that helps them grow, ranging from mobile marketing to point of sale and payments. Based in Colombo, the CAKE LABS contains the engineering and operations, combining innovation and technology to create the perfect solutions for its parent company, Sysco. Mr Wayne Shurts- Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Sysco spoke of life at Sysco, the relationship between…show more content…
However, despite the challenges that those involved in the food industry can face, the rewards when it is done right, can be more than satisfying. Sysco takes it as its duty to ensure that the customer succeeds via a variety of products and reliable delivery. Going beyond these services, Sysco also provides consulting and other value added services such as helping restaurant owners with scheduling their work force to uncover the best potential. Commenting on the importance of CAKE and CAKE LABS to achieve Sysco’s goal, he commended both companies on their innovative technology that helps the customers. Driven by its desire to see the success of its clientele, Sysco plays a significant role within the food industry. “We define ourselves as the industry leader and our goal is to make our customers successful and we are driven by what’s important to our customers,” Mr Shurts stated, when asked about Sysco’s role within the industry. Further commenting upon Sysco’s role and the future, he stated that the values at Sysco would remain stable and the company would stay focused on the customers, adopting new technologies that would help them to better serve their…show more content…
“One thing that is really encouraging is the spirit of innovation that CAKE has,” he said, commenting that CAKE has created modern and progressive technology, that would help Sysco’s information technology. As a 45 year old company, Sysco’s IT department has “grown up in a different age,” according to Mr Shurts. The relative youth of CAKE caters to the faster, more modern, more agile and progressive IT solutions that companies need. Mr Shurts spoke about the advantages that CAKE brings to Sysco, stating that Sysco would take advantage of the innovative and progressive technology to establish a modern progressive IT lab in the US. Mr Shurts also spoke about the importance of data, stating that Sysco has over 400 000 ships within the US that ships products nationwide to a large number of customers. As Sysco connects with suppliers, farmers, diaries and manufacturers, the company gathers massive data along the supply chain. CAKE would also provide them with consumer trends in eating, demand and supply and other major insights. Thus the gathered data would help Sysco to “help serve customers to serve their customers

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