The Importance Of Life

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“Everyone is aware that they will eventually die, though no one actually believes it.” This is a quotation from one of my favourite books written by Mitch Albom, indeed, this is true probably this is one of the reason why people tend to take life for granted, the people around us, our surrounding, and most definitely the things we think that are too simple or little. In fact, I think the reason why people think of things as too little or too simple is because we tend to always want to have more, that we neglect to see the beauty in small things. Today, in our society we are eaten by technology that we more than ever lose sight of things that are more important, such as people, the surroundings, the moments and real feelings. The technology that was meant to keep us closer tore us apart, far more than we used to be. And later on in life, when most people are already in their twilight years people will be looking back to those precious moments that can never be brought back into life, it is only till then that people will start to regret the life they lived. However, it does not have to be that way. We no need to wait for our twilight years before we appreciate the most…show more content…
Therefore, I believe that once people accept the reality that sooner or later at the most unexpected or probably even in the most unwanted timing in our life we might die maybe by then people will learn how to actually live. Second, perspective, I believe that a change in our perspective in life makes a huge difference. In fact, I believe that everything in life is actually just base on perspectives; therefore, if we want it to be good or bad depends on us. Furthermore, a positive perspective actually leads to appreciation. Certainly, when people learn to appreciate, people will also be enlightened on what are the most important things in

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