The Importance Of College Life

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College is an entirely different experience compared to high school. Surely, all freshmen will be culture shocked upon entering college. A lot of freshmen have no clue or not enough knowledge of what to expect. College is not as ‘petics’ as high school. Matters are taken much more seriously. Those who have not prepared themselves experience difficulty in studying and coping up with the daily hassles of college life. In addition to this, the amount of freedom available to them which was not present during high school is overwhelming. It is significant for freshmen to prepare themselves for the inevitable obstacles of college. Like preparing a dish there are 3 main ingredients for the recipe of college survival: Time is Power, The Smart Way and, Fun and Comfortable Learning. First, Time management is one of the most important things we should have or improve on. Time usually is constraint but the amount of freedom in college is overwhelming and not having the discipline to manage your time properly could make things go downhill. It is advised that we learn to effectively allocate time for study and still have enough time for leisure. It is good to know which subjects you should be putting more of your time on. Analyze first the…show more content…
This refers to the place where one studies. Does the place have the ambiance suitable for studying? Would there be any potential disturbances? Am I comfortable with where I am studying? These are only a few questions to keep in mind when choosing where to review your academic texts. The important thing is to understand what you are comfortable with. This differs from person to person. Others would be comfortable studying in the library, others in a coffee shop, others would like to eat while they study, etc. These affect how effective the learning process would be. Studying in an environment where one is uncomfortable would hinder him from making learning reach it’s
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