The Importance Of Life In Life

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I want to live like I am dying in a free world. It is better to risks then not take risks, in my mind. First, I could be legendary and famous by taking risk and do dangerous, fun tasks. Second, I can learn to not do the same thing twice because the first time was a big mistake and I could have been seriously hurt. Last, I can seek new challenges and overcome my fears, to be brave and to do these tasks on a day to day basis and prepare to do them. As I have stated, I would rather take risks than not and have no physical fun and knowledge and to not be a couch potato or a stay at home person. First of all, if I take a very dangerous risk then I can be legendary or famous and could live in my dream place, such as California, and could be able…show more content…
I can do cool tricks and when I get older I have stories I can share with other people. I can, hopefully, do dangerous stunts and still be alive for my children and grandchildren to hear my past and the History of what I done for a living. I can overcome the fears that I have and feel proud and accomplished of myself because I overcome that fear. I can test how brave of a person I really am and do those dangerous and very risky tasks be I have to be careful with what I am doing because if I do not then I can easily hurt myself by messing up one little, simple thing. Also, when my kids have kids I can tell them the stories and they can pass it on to generations. As I have stated, I can face new challenges and complete them super carefully so I will not mess up. In conclusion, I would rather take risk then not and have no fun and be a party pooper. Risk can be fun at times then there is times that it is terrifying. I can become famous and be very well-known in a couple of centuries down the road. I can learn from my mistakes and not do that same risk again. Seeking new challenges every week and have some fun. I think I am ready to live my life like I am dying and have freedom and have loads of

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