The Importance Of Aristotle's Life

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Aristotle, a man full of knowledge, potential, and a significant amount of influence was acknowledged as a ‘thinker’ during the period of time referred as ‘The Golden Age’. He inaugurated his own school, which was the Lyceum school in Athens, where he lectured a variety of topics, such as logic, biology and physics. The importance of what Aristotle himself believed in and strived for was exploring and investigating the physical world. To specify even further, Aristotle established advancements and creations that stand, till this day. Aristotle's mind appeared to be full of advancement knowledge subjecting in as a philosopher, teacher, and scientist. As ‘Signature Lives’ asserted “He would spend his years studying and learning, after…show more content…
The thought of his childhood friend King Philip of Macedonia betraying him in that manner devastated him. The power of what anger can cause, King Philip’s anger took over by something that people in town of Stagirus had done. Later after that, to make the issue worse, that same year Plato died. Aristotle had become completely alone, beaten down and devoured by the misery. Eventually found happiness, he married Hermias’ niece, Pythias. He was over- taken by the love he had for Phythias. Nevertheless, his joy created a different human being, a successful and professional over achiever man. He lived in a small town of Stagirus, in Macedonia, along with his wife, his mother Phaestis and both his son Nicomachus and daughter Pythias. Aristotle had money due to his family likely paid to have him tutor young boys upper classes in mathematics, politics, philosophy, and logic.This tied together Aristotle’s life along with his achievements due to his well-being giving him motivation to begin an involvement and observations to nature and the natural world. The cause progressed him for an even further reach towards life itself and the

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