The Importance Of Success In Life

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“You don’t beg average people to be phenomenal and you don’t beg good people to be phenomenal. You just are phenomenal and you will attract phenomenal” ( Motivational speaker). Greatness is small things done well that will get you towards your life goals. Myself as an individual strives for nothing but great things in life. Those things in life are maintaining and or raising my GPA,scholarships, and becoming a Family Law Attorney. Maintaining my GPA seems like nothing but in reality it’s a lot of hard work and determination. Right now I’m at a 3.5. I want to maintain it and also raise it. I have done a lot to get a high GPA but I still think it could be much higher. I have 3 years left to raise it the best I can. A great start is always helpful which is what I have. I have done mostly all my assignments given. Those assignments were done very well. I have put a hundred percent into all my work. I stay after…show more content…
School is my only way to success. Nothing else is going to get me where I want to be in life. So I take my education very seriously. I am very passionate about what I want and how I’m going to get it. So I need Scholarships. I literally no money saved for college. It’s sad to say but it’s true. I have a start I know that in order to go into a great University I need the gades, volunteer work and letters of recommendations. I have the grades. I’m going to have the grades. I do volunteer work thanks to me be in Avid. I still actually have to go online and look for scholarships. Apply for any and everyone. Fill out everything it’s asking me. Give extra information so that the sponsor can get to know me through my application. I still have to know the requirements for certain Universities and apply. I also still need need letters of recommendations. Which I need to get. Many Universities require one to three letters of recommendation. I’m going to get a scholarsip and go to college their is no other way
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