The Importance Of Social Media Communication

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The proliferation of smart phones and online connectivity Evidently, mobile phones are now a crucial part of people’s daily life. Technology have transformed phones from dialing cellphones to smart devices. In the year 2006, blackberry have been perceived as the phone that connected the user to the world. WAP & 2G were first internet connectivity bandwidths enabling a connected smartphone, that came along with Emails on the go feature. In 2007, Apple Inc unveiled the Apple iPhone; the first phone to have iOS operating system. (Chowdhury,2016) Since then many leading companies have transformed the way people use the phone in their daily life. With that came the change in communication; from a dial to call to a digital communication…show more content…
Technology have helped humans in creating new ways to stay connected when face to face contact was impossible. In the early 2000s, Sites like Myspace, Flickr and YouTube have started to reinvent how people communicate with each other. In 2004, “thefacebook” was merely a website for Harvard students to connect. Since then, it has grained tremendous traction among people and many have started registering to reach 1.94 Billion by 2017. (Mullins,2016) Twitter as well have become available to users by 2006 to hit 300 Million users worldwide. In 2012, Facebook acquired the photo sharing platform Instagram, and have since then evolved the user experience on Instagram. Users follow their favorite artists, inspirations, and friends. Instagram now have more than 430Million active users. Becoming the leader in social media platforms, Facebook started introducing more options for users like: Buy, Save, Reactions, chatbots and have modified the newsfeed as per user’s behavior. Today, there is a variety of social networking sites, and many are allowing cross-posting.…show more content…
According to research (Ipsos,2016) Masafi’s 3 Primary TA, 100% of them are using social media. The Top Social Media Platforms are: YouTube (75%), Facebook (71%), Instagram (64%), and Snapchat (59%). The research revealed as well that Masafi’s primary TA, still rely on traditional media for information especially Mother Wendy (59%) while (41%) rely on online platforms especially Working Sarah, however the scale is tilting for both. The research revealed Working Sarah and Mother Wendy are more digitally connected and are relying more on online platforms for information. The research has also revealed Masafi’s Primary TA is highly engaged with her favorite brand, and mostly on Social, 79% interact with their favorite brands. Masafi’s primary target audience are not only being impacted pre-purchase but are also sharing what they have purchased on social media. (Ipsos,2016) Local Rouhda and Working Sarah are also influenced by Social Media influencers. With the Rise of social impact, came social media influencers importance. “71% of UAE residents take advice from social media influencers before buying products” (Yougov,2016). The study revealed that the tech savvy residents are prompted by online recommendations or reviews from their

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