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Multimedia is a term that describing a medium as having multiple content forms or all media used in electronics, particularly with computers. In general, multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms. The common multimedia computer applications include games, learning software, and reference materials, such as this encyclopaedia. Multimedia can be two types of Interactive media. They are categorised into Static media and dynamic media. Static Media- The examples are images and graphics objects. These are non-interactive, constant and time independent where users can use these types of Medias for information. Dynamic Media- The examples are Audio, video and animation. These…show more content…
Text is the most widely used and flexible means of presenting information on screen and conveying ideas. It involves the use of text types, sizes, colours and background colour. In a multimedia application, other media or screen can be linked through the use of text. This is what you call Hypertext. . To produce an effective multimedia program there are three things that need to be considered. They are: The position of the text on the screen. Length of the message And legibility of the text. GRAPHIC Graphics make the multimedia application attractive. They help to illustrate ideas through still pictures. There are two types of graphics used: bitmaps (paint graphics) and vector (draw graphics). Various file formats of images are .jpg, .png, .gif etc. Images are a very useful feature of multimedia.AUDIO A multimedia application may require the use of speech, music and sound effects. These are called audio or the sound element. Multimedia phones have music players to run audio music. There are two basic types of audio or sound: analog and digital audio. Multimedia phones have music players to run audio music.Some audio tracks which make it easier for people to understand.VIDEO Video provides a powerful impact in a multimedia program. In multimedia applications, the digital video is gaining popularity because of the following

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