The Importance Of Love In Life

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It's not always easy and in some cases it can be extremely hard, but in life you must give it your best and treat each person and situation with an equal card. The stakes on, for living life within your control, is always what you make it, stay positive, be humble, restrain being hubris, keep God first and you'll always be legit. The naysayers want you to buy into the irresponsible, lazy, free ride mentality, but those situations are nothing more than a knuckle head reality. Many times you'll be faced with taking the easy way out without paying your dues, use better judgement when tempted to take that approach cause it can only bring bad news. Lack of education, unmotivated to prosper and negative relationships, will create a distitute lifestyle…show more content…
The strongest positive emotion under the sun is love created by the one from up above. This unconditional love were suppose to have for the Father, but for most people their attitude is why even bother, then on earth God instills the strongest love bond between mother and child, but when the child becomes older that love for mother isn't even worth their while. The love that God established for brother and sister is called Philia (Greek), but nowadays that tie is nothing more than mass hysteria. Can you believe the negative energy that is overshadowing the love, but this emotion is the strongest so the negative won't be able to snub. Many people walk around holding a heavy burden of discontent equivalent to a grudge, unable to comprehend this displaced energy which should be reversed to love. When a man and woman connect and exhibit righteous attributes of love, it's more wonderful than the flight of a beautiful white dove. This consistent displayed devotion that a father has for his daughter or son, is exactly the kind of rapture that we can all learn from, as the saying goes love is a many splendid thing, but if paring parties can't connect then it has a very disgusting ring. I have been blessed to have a loving grandma, ma and pa, and to God I give eternal thanks whose home is way beyond the stars. This positive emotion called love many people often take for granted, they…show more content…
It takes more muscles to display this emotion than it does to show love and if that's the case only God knows what one could be thinking of. It comes in all forms and quite frankly it never reaches a positive norm, it can be vindictive, revengeful, spiteful, premeditated, scornful, calculating and even jealous, but no matter what state it will never be marvelous. Sometimes it rears it's ugly head by means of racial, then other times it comes an appears through the form of pure evil. I can't imagine why anyone would want to harbor this destructive emotional pain which in the long run will never ever provide any positive gain, quite honestly when one uses this emotion frequently slowly but surely they bring about their own demise and when this happens positive folk are never surprised. So much damage has transpired because of this process, relationships crushed, families never truly manifest, some individuals have the nerve to justify these actions based on religious dissatisfaction, and my reply is what an extremely stupid proclaimation. Many people are consumed by this emotion because they were raised and taught the wrong way and then some have steered the right path but somehow along the way have been led astray. I will never condone this awful despicable emotion which main purpose is to only breed hurt, people must become cognizant of this deplorable emotion to avoid getting

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