The Importance Of Life In Society

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Reading an article may be difficult. Some are boring and bland, compared to other articles that may be intriguing and significant to a subject or event. Comparing the major claims between the texts “Inequality and the American Dream” and “Lifeboat Ethics” has been quite entertaining. These articles have similar beliefs and significant points throughout. The importance of these articles is what makes you want to continue reading. The articles argue the significant events that take place in our world. This essay will include the “American dream” and what it means, and what it really has to offer. It will also include the shared life on our very own planet, and the changes that need to be recognized to make sure our planet survives.…show more content…
The meaning of a lifeboat is to help us understand how classes are divided. Which ones are more cared for and which are more forgotten about. As we already know, the upper-class is more cared for, as the lower-class is almost a “burden” to most. Why does class matter? Why is this so important to people. People preach about how awful it is for people to be judged on their race, class, etc. so why are the upper-class being treated like royalty in most situations. Our societies should be treated with the same respect. Stated in the article “If we divide the world into rich nations and poor nations, two thirds of them are desperately poor. While one third is rich. The United States being the wealthiest of all” this is triggering. A big chunk of our universe being wealthy, while our universe is continuing to crumble without any change is terrifying. The rich have the most power of all, why are they not making any changes? They have the loudest voices over any, they should be making changes. People are homeless, starving, and dying. Should the rich be responsible for this? I do not believe so, but I do believe they have a voice in this. The government is to blame. The government has the power to

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