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Do police officers really need body cameras? In what ways could it help solve a criminal case. If they should have body cameras would it be necessary for all officers to have them? If they had body cameras they would be able to prove people wrong if the others were lying about what the police officer did. People do not believe the police anymore. In an article By: Jay Stanley for the American Liberties Union says “white officers kill more black people than white.” So they immediately think it is about racism. In my opinion it really it shows that more black people do bad things than white people. People still do not believe that. The other bad thing is the media, because they can over exaggerate things about police officers. Such as how the cop approached the person that did the crime in the take down. Which really makes cops look like the bad guy. My second piece of evidence came from an article By: Policeone Staff…show more content…
It says “Does not follow your eyes or see as they see.” It does not follow your eyes unless you had the sunglasses camera. When a witness is videoing they aren't attached to your eyes which is something huge to think about, because when a witness is videoing the battle it is still not what is being seen in the cop’s eyes. It shows cameras still can't get all the angles. Argument 3 is about how body cameras are a really good way to get another angle of the entire arrest that police are working on. Most of the time there are multiple cops to take down a serious criminal. All those officers on the scene of the crime could and should each have a body so that way they have even move angles to look from. Evidence 1 in the article By: Jay Stanley for the American Civil Liberties Union describes body cameras as “They are small clip on cameras or headsets.” (Stanley). Which means every officer should have one. It's not like they are something that is going to be hard to work around or work

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