Importance Of Life In Stamps

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Marguerite (Maya) Johnson three years old and her brother, Bailey Johnson Jr. four years old, they're on a train from California to Arkansas by themselves. They parents decided to end their marriage so their father sent them to live with their grandmother (Momma) and their uncle (Willie). They lived in a black part of the town. Their grandma had her own business; she had a store. Momma is a very strict lady and Uncle Willie didn’t treat them very well. Together they made both Maya and Bailey love education and know its importance. After school, their uncle tests and revises everything with them and if they give wrong answers they will be punished. Then Maya`s love with literature begins, but unfortunately she isn’t allowed to read for white…show more content…
Racism flows like water, and you can't even go to the cinema without being freaked out wondering if the any gang might be after you. Maya also noticed that white people constantly disrespect her family —and every time she watches them she doesn't take it very well. After a few years, life is still hard. But Maya and Bailey Jr. finally got used to it. Momma became very close to them; they didn’t have anyone but her and the store feels like home. But then – something serious happens. They thought that their parents were dead because they never asked about them. But one day they get Christmas presents from them which never sounds normal. A year after that their dad (Daddy Bailey) shows up in Stamps. He is totally a jerk but he looks like a famous person, so he is the center of people`s attention for three weeks. Then suddenly, he decides to leave—and he takes Maya and Bailey Jr. with him to drop them off with their mother (Vivian) on his way to California. Their mother is incredible. She is beautiful educated women. After they arrive, they move into a house with Vivian's latest boyfriend, Mr. Freeman. He sexually abuses Maya and treated her very bad and one day he raped her when she is only eight years old. Here everything turns upside down and things start to get very

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