The Importance Of Language Assessment

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Knowledge of language assessment is complex and multi-dimensional, and encompasses different competences including knowledge about assessment, the language, the context, and the ability to design, administer, collect, and interpret data with the purpose of making logical ethical decisions (Inbar-Lourie, 2013; Pill and Harding, 2013). In spite of the significance of having the knowledge of language assessment and language teachers’ need to assess students’ progress the majority of these teachers have a limited understanding of the fundamentals of assessment (Malone, 2013; Thornbury, 1997). To have professional knowledge of assessment, language teachers should possess assessment skills combined with language-specific competencies. This is not possible unless they are provided with the appropriate training in assessment to become professional in their career (Inbar-Lourie, 2008). Unfortunately, there have been reports that language teachers worldwide are not well trained to do so (Townsend & Bates, 2007). In…show more content…
First, the advent of standardization of tests has made student expectation for learning more explicit, and the consequences of this standardization have sometimes made assessment unfairly overshadow education and resulted in assessment-led instruction rather than instruction-based assessment (Black, 1993; Stiggins, 2002). Second, the diversity of assessments has increased the responsibilities of teachers and all stakeholders to understand how student learning can be adequately assessed and what meaning should be given to the information produced. Therefore, teachers with better knowledge of assessment will understand the different purposes of each form of assessment, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and how each form of assessment provides information about student learning more (Webb,

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