Assessment In Learner Based Assessment

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In Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses (Huba & Freed, 2000) show a strong connection between assessments, learning, and effective teaching. Here, the students: • Are properly associated and receive the feedback required • Use their experience in problems • Incorporate their experience and general skills • Recognise the importance of excellent work • Become sophisticated learners • Accept the provided guidance for improvement • Forward their opinions • Value descriptive feedback as an improvement purpose Suskie (2004) shows how assessment is an on-going process. It focuses on the way students tend to learn and what we want them to learn. Once objectives are established, assessment methods are adopted to measure these learning outcomes.…show more content…
The Bloom’s Taxonomy consists six developmental classes, namely knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The first phase in the taxonomy focuses on the acquisition of knowledge along with which the students memorise, recall, list, and repeat the information (Krathwohl, 2002). The second tier consists of the classification, discussion, identification, and an explanation of the information. The students then demonstrate, interpret, and provide written form of their learning and solutions to the problems. The next phases in the model reflect the student’s skills for comparing, differentiating, and examining their learning with other information along with their opportunity to test and question such knowledge. The students are motivated to argue, support, and evaluate their opinion on their gathered and learned information. These aspects are led to the creation of new projects or their perspectives on the topic (Pappas, et al.,…show more content…
It is highlighted that the assessments to be conducted were time consuming and expensive to be produced. The assessment is not considered to be taken seriously from the students because of insufficient motivation. It is also noted that the words and language used in the assessment were not easy to understand. Moreover, the marking criteria in the assessments vary from being too lenient to stricter. The benefits observed from the assessments are the possibilities of improvements in the teaching strategies and the academic performance of students. The teachers may focus on the issues and their weaknesses to be considered while delivering lectures to the students on the topic domain (Taylor, et al.,

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