The Importance Of Pets

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Many people around the world own at least one pet. Some have cats, fish, birds, mice, but the most common are dogs. Humans throughout history have shown to share a connection with other species that most animals do not share. People who do have pets often have a story behind why they own that pet. Our pets can be seen as family. I have had quite a few pets throughout my life but one pet has made a major impact on my life and continues to do so today. My very first pet was a dwarf hamster named Milkshakes. I was about thirteen or fourteen when I decided I wanted a hamster. My mom brought me to Petco one day to pick out which hamster I wanted. The dwarf hamsters were the smallest and fluffiest hamsters I had ever seen so that was the kind I chose. I had Milkshakes for around a year and a half before he died. I was so devastated the day he died that my mother let me stay home from school. As I grew older I lost interest in keeping pets until one day near Thanksgiving my junior year of high school. One evening I was doing my homework when my mother called me over. She told me she wanted to show me something in the basement. Curious and slightly concerned I followed her down into our basement. To my surprise I saw two dirty, smelly dogs. She explained to me that she had seen them wondering up our driveway and…show more content…
I helped train them, watched over them, and played with them every day. One puppy I could not keep my hands off of. She was all white with a few black spots, one on her ear and another on her back near her tail. Whenever someone was interested in taking any of the puppies I would hold on to her and attempt to distract them from her. I decide one day that I officially wanted to call her my own. I begged my dad to let me keep her but he said he would have to think about it. The next day I went to the puppies and she had a little pink collar on. I was so incredibly happy that I

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