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After watching this documentary, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ninoy Aquino was indeed assassinated by one of his own military escorts as they descended the stairs. Here, I list the evidence that led me to support this claim. Evidence #1: The exit wound’s location For a bullet to make an exit wound in the chin, it must have be shot at an elevated angle. The people who were in the best position for this were the escorts. The alleged Communist-hired hitman Galman and the convicted soldier Martinez were supposedly waiting for Ninoy at the bottom of the stairs. Assuming Galman or Martinez indeed shot Ninoy, the guy would have had raised his gun above Ninoy’s head and pointed it downwards. Now, why would anyone go through the trouble of shooting someone from such an awkward position when he could have shot him straight in the…show more content…
This is the reason why, despite the presence of many media men, there is no video footage of the moments leading to Ninoy’s assassination. Why were they blocking the media’s view? I suppose these men knew of the plan to assassinate the senator, and were ordered to prevent the media from recording the…show more content…
Marcos had both the motive and the means to have Ninoy killed. Isn’t it pretty obvious that he’s the mastermind? Well, I don’t think so. When a military tribunal sentenced Ninoy to death by firing squad, Marcos could have just sat back and let that happen. However, the president chose to keep him in solitary prison. He didn’t want his enemy to die like a martyr. If so, why would he order Ninoy’s assassination? It was also stated that the president’s health was failing at that time, and he was too weak to plan those kind of

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