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Book Evaluation of ‘English Skills for The Future’ for Tenth Grade Using The Perspective of 2013 Curriculum Femy Seniwegiasari1, Dewi Rochsantiningsih1, Diah Kristina1 1Sebelas Maret University, Ir Sutami No.36A Jebres, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia Email : femy90@gmail.com ABSTRACT This article reports book evaluation in the textbook entitled ‘English Skills for the Future’ designed for the tenth grade students of senior high school. The criteria of the evaluation based on the relevant of the tasks or material to the syllabus, scientific approach stage and authentic assessment in curriculum 2013. The method use in this study is qualitative which refers to the content analysis. The data of this study is document analysis and observation.…show more content…
Generally, these instructional materials can be divided into two forms i.e. printed and non-printed ones. The former type of materials includes textbook, workbook, and teachers’ guide. The latter format of instructional materials deals mostly with technology including audiotapes, videotapes and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)-based materials. In most classrooms in Indonesia, textbook is main resources in teaching and learning process for both teachers and students. For teachers, textbooks help them in achieving the goals of learning. In addition, Richards (2011) argues that in some contexts, textbook may provide the ground for the content of the lesson, and the type of linguistic practice the learners engage in. Additionally, (Graves, 2000, p.151) states that textbook contains decision about developing material, which are rooted beliefs, understanding and…show more content…
This started to be implemented in most of schools in Indonesia from elementary school level to senior high school level. In response to this current change, Ministry of Education and Culture has produced the English book for teachers and students. The teachers’ English book consists of guide how to teach their students according student’s English book. The student’s English book consisted of materials based on the 2013 Curriculum. The competencies needed to be learnt by students are realized into Permendikbud No 64 tahun 2013 about Standar Isi. It said that students have to learn four competencies. They are spiritual competencies, social competencies, knowledge competencies and skill competencies. It is then expected that these books can be handy resources to implement the new curriculum of 2013. Considering the above facts, it is considered essential for English teachers to be able to select textbook based on the criteria determined by Pusat Perbukan (Pusbuk) and ELT experts. In other words, teachers should be able to evaluate textbooks by employing the aforesaid criteria. By so doing, it is expected that teachers could judge the effectiveness of a certain textbook which in turn lead them to the decision whether to adopt, to adapt it to be suitable to the learners’ needs, or simply to supplement it with some additional

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