Where Sweatshops Are A Dream Analysis

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Marina Elkommos Zakhary Professor D. Barnard English- 1020- D82 13 February 2018 Where Sweatshops Are A Dream The author in his titled " Where Sweatshops Are a Dream," in our corporate- dominated world economy today Nicholas D. Kristof columnist for the NY time by tackles the controversial topic of sweatshops that are used, and often exploited while presenting an argument for the necessity of these facilities in some parts of the global, and Kristof addresses the efforts being made to improve or remove sweatshops as the piece of unfolds. New perspective on the topic, that is certainly not lacking in other logical and emotional appeals that evoke an enlightening; although the argument is lacking in statistical data. However, he leaves…show more content…
Then the smoke parts and you come across a child ambling barefoot, searching for old plastic sups that recyclers will buy for five cents a pound" (120). Therefore, he concludes with this statement," Many families actually live in shacks on this smoking garbage" (120). In this part, Kristof draws from the audience's prior experience and knowledge by describing how the stench of the setting is so potent that even rats, which normally associate with filthy environments, struggle to live in this place, and he descripted the child stuck is this wasteland searching for something as simple as cups, strikes every heart string we possess. in such manner, the audience is successfully hooked just in time for Kristof to make his claim, that " the central challenge in the poorest countries (like Phnom Penh) is not that sweatshops exploit too many people, but that they don't exploit enough"…show more content…
The accounts include that of a 19-years-old woman and an older mother who "hopes" her 10-years-old boy gets a better life that sweatshops would provide him, explaining how " she has seen other children run over by garbage trucks" (120). In this situation, show how her own son has never received professional medical or dental care, nor has he bathed in eight years. All the people who were asked concluded that conditions in a sweatshop would be far greater, by comparison to their current living

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