Importance Of English Language In Schools

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1. Introduction The role of the English language in the Greek state schools in general is considered to be secondary although it is generally agreed that the English language is important being an international language. The current attitude towards learning English in State schools is depressing as most of the learners learn the language in private language institutes in a more organised and exam- oriented way (Manolopoulou-Sergi, 2001). However, the subject imposed by the Ministry of education into the Greek curriculum gives the learners the chance to experience English language learning through the Greek school. Moreover, adequate planning or thought to the learners’ needs seem to be needed so that the English lessons in the Greek school…show more content…
Graves (2001) proposes a set of “steps necessary in creating a framework of components, as she considers it important in conceiving the complexity of the process”. Needs assessment, determining goals and objectives, conceptualizing content, selecting and developing materials and activities, organization of content and activities, evaluation and finally consideration of resources and constraints are actions to be taken in creating a curricular framework (Ayakli, 2004). The Greek curriculum recently, in 2001, follows the Cross Curricular/Thematic framework (DEPPS). There are aims and goals for learning the language and some functions are also described. Actually, the Greek curriculum does not provide much autonomy as it is been on other systems. Indeed, there is a case of the Greek educational system which is quite backward when it comes on how the school makes its own choices. Instead, it is a system which is highly centralized. The examined case refers to the needs analysis of the 6th Grade students who study English. The research is going to take place among a sample of two classes in a primary school found in…show more content…
Nunan and Lamb (1996:33) also claim that a “firm basis for effective classroom decision making and management must be laid well before the teacher sets foot in the classroom”. In other words the Needs Analysis procedure helps the teacher gain real insight into the class as far as the learners’ needs in learning the English language is concerned and for this reason, the teacher must and can use this insight, academic knowledge and reflection to create motivating and stimulating in interest lessons. A fixed curriculum frustrates both teachers and learners in the process. When every aspect is under the control and purview of the teacher, meaning aims, materials, organization, methodology and assessment, then we can say we have an open curriculum. If the learners are involved in planning and implementing a curriculum through examining their needs then, we have a even more open curriculum. Moreover, in Greek state Primary schools, which are characterized by mixed ability classes, knowing the learners attitudes towards the English language and the different learning styles can provide the teacher with adequate information which can become the source for planning creative lessons using alternative teaching methods. In fact, “although needs assessment

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