The Importance Of Interdisciplinary Theories

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Is it possible for complex knowledge to be restricted to one academic discipline to begin with? What does the potential confusion spring from? Is the state confusion permanent? These are all questions that came to mind when I encountered the chosen statement and this essay will strive to find answers for all of the above. The statement suggests that interdisciplinary approaches (being the overlap of one or multiple academic disciplines), have no other outcome other than confusion, which is a strong stance with a high risk of fallacy due to its assertive formulation. For the sake of clarity, confusion is a form of uncertainty that can arise from misunderstandings, contradictions and/or incomprehensible complexity. It is rather logical that academic disciplines (referring to fields of study that are studied and researched at university level), with similar characteristics have a tendency to overlap and touch upon the same topics. Interdisciplinary approaches are easy to come across for this reason and an applicable example of this is human sciences. All social sciences study human behaviour, but through different lenses that focus on specific aspects.

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