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Do you know that these two novels might be related to your life? In “The Kite Runner” and “To kill a mockingbird” both authors Khaled Hossieni and Harper Lee are taking The importance of family as a main part in the novels of how does the parents and children treat each other’s, but many were not doing the right thing. In “The Kite Runner” two of the most characters that have shown what is the importance of family is Baba and Hassan. They have treated the family with all respect and manners. In “To kill a mockingbird” two of the most characters are Atticus and Scout they are the same as Baba and Hassan, they are always standing for the family and mostly Atticus because he was a parent that treats his children as an adult. All of them sacrifices…show more content…
Baba was the parent in “The Kite Runner” While Atticus was the parent in “To Kill a Mockingbird” these two novels have shown us how really parent take over the children and how parents does whatever just to make their children in safe, good educated and having good manners. Baba’s treatment of Amir and Hassan as children impacted their relationship in “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseni. However, Amir had disliked and anger towards Hassan. This is because Baba constantly focused more on Hassan and by this, Amir begins to feel guilty and in somehow jealous, because he felt that he should receive more attention because that is his father. This is how Baba’s treatment affected both the boys in their childhood, but Baba still treats Amir and Hassan with all respect and adults and loves them the two and he always tries to tell them to be very careful about their selves. While for Atticus in “To Kill a Mockingbird” He treats his children with respect, fairness and sense. He gently guides and teach them through their mistakes and he always tells them learn from your mistakes, so you don’t repeat it again. He allows them to see both evil and the good of the world always ready to catch them where they should need…show more content…
They were best friends and they did everything together. But Hassan was always better and more capable than Amir in physical things and activities that went on around them. Hassan is also faster and stronger than Amir is. Hassan is a strong kid and he stands up for himself and Amir whenever there is trouble amongst someone Hassan will be there to defend him, but we all know that each relationship there should be something wrong here as we said , Amir had disliked and anger towards Hassan. It’s because Baba concentrated more on Hassan and by this, Amir begins to feel guilty. Because he felt that he should receive more attention because that is his father. While in “To Kill a Mockingbird” Scout and Jem had the relationship they are brother and sister. Jem is four years older, and scout is older, Scout looks up to Jem, but they also fight, as brothers and sisters do, and their relationship is sometimes good. However, they always encourage each other’s to make up things, they had secret with each other and they all do everything together. Both look at their world with more open minds than other children their age do. Jem understands things a bit more

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