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Introduction The definition of attachment according to the oxford English dictionary is “Affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something “(2017).This paper discusses the purpose of attachment ,explains how it develops ,analyses the various forms of attachment and justifies the importance of attachment . The essay examines theories such as John Bowlby’s “secure base” , and Mary Ainsworth’s four attachment categories, and describe how these theories can explain and predict our behaviour in future relationships .Also how they theories were discovered . Purpose and development Attachment is an enduring meaningful bond between two individuals that develops over a long period of time (Schaffer,1996). Bowlby believed that attachment…show more content…
Rudolf Schaffer and Peggy Emerson(1964) studied the relationships between Scottish mothers and their children . They recorded their emotions and experiences each month . Through their research they composed a series of phases , which children experience during this bonding process. From birth to approximately six weeks the infant is said to be “asocial” , meaning they do not focus on one particular person or object and that their reactions are generally the same. From six weeks to around 7 months the child displays preference to human interaction that inanimate objects. They learn to smile as a means of communication. The infant favours the attention and nurture of the mother than other carers (Watson et al.,1979) .This is identified as the indiscriminate phase . During the period of seven to nine months the infant forms a relationship with their primary caregiver . The infant enjoys their company and attempts to follow their caregiver. They demonstrate cheerfulness when their caregiver appears and become easily distressed when they leave…show more content…
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