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On the other hand, common features for sociologically and critically oriented discourse analysis that distinguish them from the linguistic approach is understanding discourse as both speech and text and also to attaches in the proceedings research importance to the context in which they are played and to draw attention to his processuality. Representatives of the sociological discourse analysis set themselves primarily cognitive targets, representatives of critical discourse analysis treat their studies as a form of social practice and even political activities, aimed at changing the reality (Grzymała-Kazłowska 2004) a similar theory is taught by one of the main theorists and researchers of communication phenomena by critical discourse analysis,…show more content…
Blommaert & Bulcaen (2000:454) noticed that Language and Power in 1989 is considered to be the first publication on CDA (Critical Discourse Analysis). Norman Fairclough gave in his book detailed analysis of the political rhetoric of “Thatcherism” and advertisement, as well as the synthesis method proposed language, objects analysis and political commitment that have become the hallmark of the CDA. This approach is primarily interested in how by the language the power of a political nature is realized but the interest of the advertising, promotion and media discourse also indicates that the area is viewed…show more content…
German sociologist and philosopher Max Horkheimer is regarded as the creator of the theory. He used it in a book called "traditional and critical theory" in 1937 for the first time. Horkheimer (1972 cited in Mucha 1986: 9-10) says that critical theory examines what exists, but does not accept the examined state of affairs. The purpose of its assumptions it is not the eradication of evil, but the rejection of the whole, economic and social system that cause evil. In a society we have to deal with the necessity of rationally directed events: the rationality of the actions of human therefore belongs to the essence of society. The concept of necessity is according to Horkheimer the critical concept, and then society researchers should criticize relations from the viewpoint of freedom and rationality, which are significant characteristics of man and

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