Analysis Of Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken

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War can affect anybody’s life like a civilian, soldier, leader, number of countries. Louie was being hidden as a POW in Japan, and then came Miné, who was a Japanese internee in the U.S., and both of them have suffered the consequences of being “invisible”, and somehow had the strength to resist. In the book “Unbroken”, written by Laura Hillenbrand, Louis Zamperini (Louie) was recognized as a POW. When he was young, he was very resilient and stubborn. His personality actually helped him when he was out there involved in war, going through so many obstacles. He got moved to different POW camps, got beaten, got stripped of his identity, but he still had hope he was going to be saved some day. The text, “The Life of Miné Okubo”, Miné was a girl who lived up the dreams of being an American. She never considered herself, a Japanese. Miné was talented…show more content…
The camp where Miné was put in had some precautions. All the “cameras, binoculars, short-wave radios, and firearm had to be turned over to the local police” so that they won’t see what is going on in the camps. Miné, being smart and creative, “put her artistic talent to use making sketches of daily life inside the fences” so that after she gets out, she could show the whole world what was going on in the camps (The Life of Miné Okubo). This showed a sign of using her talent, her own identity, that she still knew that she wasn’t just a number. The Bird continued to torture Louie, beating him in every that he can think of. Like when, “The Bird tried to knock Louie down; Louie wobbled but wouldn’t fall” (Unbroken 252). And when, “Louie stood in the sun holing up the beam… Louie locked his eyes on the Bird’s face, radiating hatred” and even though he was losing his strength, he was never willing to any sign of weakness to the Bird. One uses talent, and the other uses emotion to overcome the possibility of being made

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