Environmental Awareness Plan

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1. ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS PLAN 1. Introduction: Legislation requires that a mining company that prepares an environmental management program must develop an environmental awareness plan describing the manner in which the company intends to inform his or her employees of any environmental risks which may result from their work and the manner in which the risks must be dealt with in order to avoid pollution or the degradation of the environment. In recognition of the need to protect our environment, environmental management should not only be seen as a legal obligation but also as a moral obligation (SRK Consulting, 2012). The overall environmental awareness program supports three areas of activity, the development and implementation of environmental…show more content…
Open days will be used to discuss environmental issues in a less formal manner, thereby allowing employees the opportunity to participate in environmental management by educating them about environmental pollution and waste management in areas beside the workplace, for example at home. 1.7 Other Environmental Steering committees could work to increase awareness in the community regarding environmental constraints and opportunities. At corporate level, this includes providing support for Non-Government Organizations involved with specific environmental awareness programmes. Awareness could be done in community halls as well as the schools in the community. 2. Environmental communication strategy: Management should establish and maintain procedures for the internal communication between the various levels and functions of the organisation, receiving, documenting and responding to relevant communication from external interested & affected parties. The organisation shall consider processes for external communication on its significant environmental aspects and record its…show more content…
E-mail messages, relevant to environmental management, should be kept for a minimum of two years before being deleted. 2.2.5 Mail: Correspondence received by mail must be filed, along with the response, within the relevant department’s filing system for a minimum period of 2 years. Paper correspondence will be archived in this department. 2.2.6 Telephone: A register of telephonic environmental queries should be kept by the relevant department detailing caller, contact details, date, query, action taken and response. Furthermore, the person answering the call will be responsible for logging their particulars against the call, as well as ensuring that all communication that leads to an aspect or an impact, is entered on the database. 2.2.7 Storage of Correspondence: All original correspondence must be kept by the Mine Manager for a minimum period of two years. 2.2.8 Environmental Reports: Copies of relevant specialist study reports and Environmental Impact Assessments will be made available by the Mine Manager should these be requested by an external

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