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- The South and the islands The South of Thailand is famous for its magnificent seashores and islands, and praised for its beauty by the tourists. This part of Thailand seems indeed to be paradise, with its colorful bays and lagoons and its the white sand. Two groups of islands can be distinguished: in the Andaman Sea are located the renowned Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Koh Lanta; in the Gulf of Thailand the famous Koh Samui and Koh Tao. The main activities all over the islands are daily boat trips, diving, resting at the beach and also partying. The world famous Full Moon party welcomed every month 30,000 people on Koh Phangan island, in the Gulf of Thailand. The national park of Khao Sok is also popular among the tourists who love trekking in…show more content…
Besides, it highlights the assets of the country and strengthens its image out of its borders. But, although we can only be glad of the positive contribution of tourism to the economic development of the country and the empowerment of the people, we can also wonder whether the country will have the capacity to welcome so many people. As the number of tourists is growing every year, and although this is beneficial for business and foreign exchange, what influence does it have on the environment and biodiversity? Can it have negative effects on the long-term future of Thailand if it is not…show more content…
The high biodiversity of Thailand is due to the geographical location of the country as a crossroads. Indeed, the Northern part of the country has similar climates and biomes as Indochina with a dry season during more than a quarter of the year; whereas the Southern part of the country is similar to Malaysia or Indonesia (Borneo) with a rain season more than 3 quarters of the year. Three other ecosystems are also important to mention: the coasts with the marine wildlife and the wetlands that covers around 7.5% of the country. Finally, the last ecosystems are the many rivers and especially the Mekong river. Its basin represents one quarter of the freshwater in the world! Over Indochina (Thailand included), this river is essential to 70 million

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