The Importance Of Globalization In Higher Education

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Introduction An academic revolution has taken place in higher education in the past half century marked by unprecedented transformations in scope and diversity. Current higher education has to respond to current challenges. This has to do with responding to mass demand in enrollment which has driven many of the key transformations in most universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions in the past decade. According to the CISCO Report (2010) on trends in higher education, there are more than 100 million college students worldwide, new campuses are being built, and existing campuses are expanding. Universities are competing internationally for resources, faculty, the best students, and education funding. Higher education systems struggled just to cope with demand, the need for expanded infrastructure and a larger teaching staff. The other key phenomenon that is shaping higher education is globalization. Globalization is seen as the reality shaped by an increasingly integrated world economy, new information and communications…show more content…
Enterprise systems (ES) are very critical component of the process view of organisations. They facilitate communication and coordination among different function areas and they allow easy flow and access to data, document and information across the process. The web-based system plays vital role in executing process, capturing and storing data and monitoring performance. With the current growing demand for tertiary education and intense global competition in getting a fair market share, requires strategic planning and the adoption of ES. KNUST needs to find ways to improve the conversion rate of inquiries to applications, applications to acceptances, and acceptances to students. Such solution can be provided by an enterprise

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